We realised through interactions with various grass-root activists, civil society groups, funding institutes and even government agencies, that one of the big gaps is the lack of proper documentation of ongoing interventions, decisions and processes which are taking place all over the country. While some instances are shared email lists and social media, and even fewer in the press, their audience is limited. We have taken up documenting case studies of good practices and strategies which can be shared amongst the academic community, the media, policy makers and also as cross learning amongst others working on similar issues.

We also realised that while a few cases which are often highlighted have been substantially analysed, there is a lack of continuous and long term assessment of interventions by external agencies in villages, so as to identify strategies that worked as well as areas that are still challenges. We have been fortunate to have the support of grass root NGOs as well as funders, who have encouraged us to critically examine the processes that the villages where they have been working have undergone, so as to improve future and on-going interventions.