Field Partner

The Resource Rights Research Group at Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS) seeks to collaborate with grassroots organisations, community institutions, practitioners, and local institutions to understand and examine the impact of various resource policy and legal instruments at the implementation level. The field partner is expected to facilitate the student’s efforts at settling into the organisation and orient the student to the region, the organisation and its work and to provide periodic guidance and feedback to the student about their work through regular comments and feedback. We have already collboration with various local and state level orgnisations to facilitate TISS students' field work on a range of issues related to resource rights and governance. Currently, TISS RRRG is closely working with Sahajeevan, Gujarat; Vasundhara, Odisha; Badlao Foundation, Jharkhand; Sristhi, Maharashtra; KHOJ, Chhattisgarh and looking forward to expand its base and field area in other states. The interested organisation can also send their requirements in advance to document, report writing, analysis of field based work and training and capacity building of their local members so that TISS RRRG can initiate a process to support in any possible manner. In addition, individuals or organisations working at the grassroots level will be able to use documents and reports prepared by TISS students to support their efforts to implement change and make improvements.