Welcome to The Resource Rights Research Group

The Resource Rights Research Group of Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS) is an academic initiative of students and faculty members working in the field of resource rights, governance, jurispurdence, environmental science, technology and society. It was initiated in 2017 as a collective exercise by students and faculty members for research and learning on the above subjects. The TISS RRRG aims to do so by critically examining the intertwined challenges of accessibility, use and governance of resources confronting the world today, with a particular focus on the issue of forest and land. The TISS RRRG aims to provide the students and scholars with an opportunity for theoretical and practical engagement with these challenges and issues in a critical framework based on values of equity and social justice, that recognizes the imperative for development in terms of material needs as well as other dimensions of human well-being. In addition, we will engage in capacity building, training and advocacy on a range of issues at different levels. As a part of this process, a website (http://tissrrrg.org) has been initiated with a focus on sharing research, documents and reports of TISS students and faculty members in the above field. In addition, TISS RRRG provides platform for various groups working on similar issues to collaborate for research, capacity buiding, training, assessment studies and policy advocacy on resource rights and governance.

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Forthcoming Events

Public Lecture on “Rethinking Environmentalism: Linking Justice, Sustainability, and Diversity” By Sharachchandra Lele (Distinguished Fellow in Environmental Policy & Governance at ATREE, Bengaluru), Venue: Clifford Hall, New Campus, Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS), Deonar, Mumbai, Date: 8th February 2019, Time: 3.30 PM.


Summer (April-June 2019)
Winter (October-November 2019)