Knowledge Partner

The Resource Rights and Governance Research Group at Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS) is an academic initiative with a focus on research subjects around multiple aspects of resource rights governance and environmental challenges from an interdisciplinary perspective. It aims to widen its scope of academic deliberation through a collaborative network of knowledge partners both at national and international level. The scope of becoming a knowledge partner is open for universities, academic and research intuitions working or concerned to focus their future research engagement on environmental jurisprudence, forest governance, coastal regulation, governance of non-timber forest produces and resource access rights issues of underprivileged communities.

The interested groups working on similar issues can be our knowledge partner. The proposed scope of work entails working closely with the resource rights and governance research group by undertaking joint research assignments, knowledge dissemination, organising training and capacity building workshops for students and researchers and most importantly through documentation of research outcomes. Further, the resource rights and governance research group will commence the responsibility of providing academic leadership, coordinate a platform for resource mobilisation and also facilitate the training of trainers for the collaborative network of knowledge partners at multiple legs of the partnership.